The WINTERHELLER Method for Organizations.

The content of all our events centers on the topics of success, attitude and leadership. The basis is the philosophy of the WINTERHELLER method, adjusted to suit the specific needs of the organization and the audience. This starting point is defined in discussions beforehand so that the presentation fits the audience precisely. The result of our presentations is always an increase in the energy level of the participants and relatedly heightened motivation for management and personnel alike.

The following are the general event formats offered by Dr. Manfred Winterheller:

  • Single day or multiple day seminars covering leadership within the framework of larger training initiatives
  • Standalone organization-internal seminars dealing with leadership, strategy and personal development
  • Moderation of kickoff events and other important meetings, for example in the run-up to important investment decisions or other strategic changes
  • Events for personnel
  • Customer presentations

Every one of our presentations have a central theme that is crucial to the success of every organization: the energy level of the management and the personnel. This level of energy determines the motivation, enthusiasm and creativity – and relatedly the outcomes achieved. Successful organizations habitually focus on energy and enthusiasm. Sometimes such a positive outlook can be even essential for survival.

Such challenging times include:

  • New growth targets
  • Crises
  • Changes in organizational structure
  • Changes in strategic orientation
  • Large and challenging projects

A low level of energy can make challenges appear to be too great to some members of the team; i.e that the challenges cannot be realistically overcome. This conclusion then commonly leads to high levels of stress and even to mental resignation. Management then faces a particular challenge. They have to constructively work with their own uncertainty and fear. They need to show understanding, strength and courage in the face of their own possible desperation and anxiety.

Experience has shown that in such situations, focused intervention from outside can help a great deal. The intervention must be very clearly based on pertinent information and should never drift into the area of go-team-go optimism. There is an absolute need to reach not only the minds of participants but also their hearts.

Intellectual Believability People are very sensitive to the feeling that they are being manipulated. The effect of presentations that are intended to increase motivation often end up going in the other direction when the impression is given that it is some kind of cheerleading event. It is precisely those people who are most constructive and most intellectually gifted who need an understandable and believable presentation. The listeners have to be able to identify with what they hear, especially if it is something new or unfamiliar.

Energizing the Audience: A presenter who only touches the intellect of the participants, i.e. inspiring only a lot of contemplative head nodding, in the end has no effect. Anxiety about the future, feelings of desperation, fears and resistance all have their basis in human emotion. This is precisely why they can only be addressed through emotion. It has to come to a so-called body-shift: “Yes, that’s how it could work!” “That’s how I could do it.” “That’s how we could get it done!”

This combination of touching head and soul all together is not easy to master, and many lecturers fail in terms of one of the two needs. Undoubtedly most lecturers are too colorless and remain in the intellectual sphere. They are too vague, too roundabout in what they convey. They leave the audience alone with a crucial question: “Okay, I get it, but how can we really make that happen?”. More energetic presenters are all too often lacking in scientific substance. During their presentation they might push people forward perfectly, even reaching high levels of inspiring positive feeling and creating a temporary positive outlook. Nonetheless, shortly after the event this good mood fades away all too fast to almost nothing, leaving a hangover feeling. People end up worse than they were before the presentation. Very often there is simply too little information that can be used as a trigger to take hold of once the immediate effect of the “cheerleader” is gone.

The Winterheller Way: We provide a combination of factually solid information combined with the courage to be clear and practically applicable. Our statements made are convincing because they can be immediately checked. Our audience is enthused by the chance to be able to try out in practice the functional capacity and consistency of what they hear.

This combination of highly intellectual claims with intensive emotional effectiveness leads to more lasting positive outcomes. When other seminar-investments are already forgotten, our events indeed have still an impressive lasting effect. You can try out the effectiveness of this approach at one of our public events or contact us directly to discuss your wishes and goals. We very much like to hear from you.


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