The WINTERHELLER method for Individuals.

Arising out of our business presentations, individual participants in organization-based events developed an active interest in the WINTERHELLER method. Afterwards they wanted their families, friends, business associates and other people they know to also find out about the ideas and suggestions presented – ideally firsthand.

There are a number of reasons for such interest – here are a few of the motivating factors:

  • A new direction for the family
  • Strengthening the “team”-feeling in a relationship or within a whole family
  • Support for individual family members in times of difficulty
  • Crisis situations brought about by serious illness or professional changes
  • Big personal goals
  • Handling of people who consistently suck energy due to their negativity

Below you’ll find presented some results that have came up again and again over the years.

1/ The implementation of new ideas is more easily accomplished if the other people involved are on the same page.

The ideas presented in our seminars are simple and easy to understand. Nonetheless they are without question radical. At the very moment when the new insights gained in the seminar are confronted with the unchanged familiar environment back home or back in the office, a shock is the common result for both sides. The environmental pressure to conform, to once again reintegrate oneself into the habitual processes of life, can be amazingly strong. The initial lack of personal experience with the new techniques naturally yields an unsteadiness in motivation that can easily collapse. This transition phase is much more likely to be successful if one has allies available, either in the circle of acquaintances or in the family, who are familiar with the philosophy that underpins the new behavior.

2/ The content of our business presentations meets an astounding resonance in the private sphere.

This is only surprising at first glance. On closer inspection, all of our seminars deal with fundamental principles. Thus the content can be applied by people from extremely diverse cultural backgrounds and from all parts of the world. Relatedly, the implementation of our ideas regarding leadership and communication as well as how to achieve fundamental success is not limited to large organizations. On the contrary, we often see implementation being carried out much more quickly and with more boldness in the private sphere than in the structure of large organizations as the latter can be extremely rigid.

3/ Success cannot be limited to one aspect of life.

Numerous companies are beginning to realize that the success of the company requires successful people. Individuals who are failing in their private sphere are seldom creative and enthusiastic executive managers or motivated and interested staff members. It is absolutely overwhelmingly simple: people in leadership positions who are not successful in their lives are not ready to bring excitement and enthusiasm to their teams and departments. Relatedly, those who listlessly drag themselves through life do not achieve the results that would otherwise actually be possible.

We have been supporting the concept of public presentations for several years now. The participants in such events are a colorful mix of people; next to successful managers sit students who’ve found that the academic knowledge gained in their required courses just isn’t enough, as well as housewives who have come to understand that leading a family is the most important and at the same time most difficult of life assignments found in the world today.

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