Why We Do What We Do – Our Philosophy

Throughout history many have believed that extraordinary accomplishments and positive outcomes were the privilege of especially talented people. In recent decades, evaluation of this “fact” has been on the increase, and today special achievement is not thought to be the result of having special talents or abilities. On the contrary, every man and every woman can achieve positive outcomes if they approach the task at hand with a specific mental attitude.

It was William James who, around the end of the last century, gave clear expression to fact that had gone largely ignored until that point: “The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human can alter his life by altering his attitude.”

It is indeed fascinating that this internal attitude is excluded from the most common forms of education, and even in the business context it is only considered in exceptional cases.
This is the reason why exceptional results are so rare, in spite of all the hard work and honest effort put in. Everything else is taken into consideration – timelines, budgets, the right people, proper organization, goals – everything except this most important ingredient of every success: inner attitude. It is simply left to chance.
Thus we toil away in fundamentally the same way people did during the stone age or in the Middle Ages. Our tools are clearly different, but the basic idea remains the same: we try to overpower our problems by mere application of mainly physical effort.

The philosophy behind the WINTERHELLER method is based on the irreplaceable value of one’s internal attitude, and this has been expanded to a question of worldview or perspective.
Each person’s worldview consists of a wealth of assumptions about the ways in which the world works – about the mechanisms involved. Our conceptions about the internal connections that make up our world have been deeply shaken by quantum physics. For a long time, the explanation was that there was some mystical difference between the quantum world and that experienced on the macro level.

The WINTERHELLER method begins with the following hypothesis: What are the consequences if the findings of quantum physics also apply in the macro world? Maybe we were able to make discoveries about the quantum world for the simple reason that previously we had no established preconceptions about this completely unfamiliar world. Maybe we are so attached to our learned conclusions about the macro world that we are somehow blinded in making a comparison with the completely new viewpoint that the world of quantum physics inspires.

To avoid simply exchanging the old preconceptions with new ones, the WINTERHELLER method is basically experimental. There is no claim that everything is known; instead it makes available an experimental framework that allows for every individual to create his or her own picture of what is.

If this new worldview works, it makes sense. If it doesn’t work, then it is senseless to waste more time on it.

That’s what is so unique about the WINTERHELLER method: it can be realized and therefore it can be verified. One doesn’t have to believe in the method without ever experiencing any kind of confirmation. One only has to trust in it to the extent that one is capable of risking an attempt at using it. One can pause at any time, and then start again anew when one has developed more trust.

As for content, the method goes against the prevailing negativism that is so dominant today. Most people have learned that the world falls apart if we don’t continuously and consistently fight against its decay. That is a more or less random way of looking at things. It is a conclusion that can be disproven. In contrast, the world is ever developing in a positive direction, and that tendency is part of everything, in that there is steady movement toward improvement. The many apparent deviations are not based on the internal tendency of the world but are instead part of the mistaken conclusion that we always have to intervene and make corrections.

If we were to direct our efforts primarily toward a shift in worldview instead of toward the outside, then we would be applying ourselves toward something that really can be changed. Our worldview is like a lever, wherein the smallest of efforts translates into the greatest effect. Our worldview is the way we think about ourselves and the world around us. Our worldview is the summary of the ways in which we think we have an influence in the world. This worldview is the magical elixir that can radically and effectively change our world. Instead of only changing symptoms we will find real solutions that not only solve but dissolve the related problems – it is only in this way that real further development is ensured.

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