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Our public presentations allow you to experience the WINTERHELLER method for yourself. You, the audience, and your direct and verifiable use of the content are always at the center of our events.

It’s more than simply the presentation of highly usable content – there is also the exceedingly unique presentation style of Dr. Winterheller – above all the high level of energy that he conveys to the group along with the clear applicability of the method and its lasting impact.

Our presentations enjoy great popularity and are regularly sold out. Please have a look at our customer opinions and feedback – you can see for yourself

Many of our company-seminars are held in English in front of participants from all over the world. Our events that are open to the public are held in German.
We are ready to do them also in English as soon as we have the demand therefor. So do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in organizing such an event. To give you an example we translated the German invitation of our most advanced 6-days-training “ Awareness, Success and Leadership”.

Mind Management: Awareness, Success and Leadership.

Old Understanding + New Understanding = Revolution in Worldview

The Seminar
Seminar Description
  • What can I expect to gain?

    • Extraordinary things become possible – things that until now have only seemed to be in the realm of possibility for especially talented individuals and teams.
    • You’ll have a new set of leadership and communication tools.
    • Your leadership activities will be oriented toward the best possible outcomes.
    • You’ll be able to apply awareness, a crucial part of shaping your world.
    • These are very intense days – they will change your behavior and your results – just as has happened for the many previous alumni of this course.

    Who might find Mind-Management of interest?

    • People who would like to address the aspects of their personal and professional lives that will achieve the highest results.
    • People who are interested in questioning their fundamental ways of thinking.
    • Managers, entrepreneurs, physicians, midwives, parents and other people with a lot of potential – it’s an impressive mix of participants every time.

    What does the seminar package include?

    • 5 full seminar days with Dr. Manfred Winterheller
    • The possibility for personal – one on one – talks between and after sessions, depending on availability
    • Support materials and access to online resources
    • Comprehensive resources to help you get ready
    • Daily coffee breaks and lunch (buffet)
  • Over the last few centuries our view of the world has changed very little. The difference between our thinking centuries ago and today primarily lies in the many technical aids that did not exist earlier, and that have now come to be used all the time. We get where we’re going faster. We can reach almost anyone, almost anytime, by telephone. We can observe the brain in thought. Worth noting – in keeping with the last example – it is such technical assistance that means we think less and less, and we’re not becoming more clever in the process.

    In recent decades, there have been some fascinating scientific developments. Their astoundingly radical nature is turning our view of the world on its head. The most modern discoveries in quantum physics, philosophy and psychology are yielding possibilities for changes in our lives that previously seemed unimaginable.

    Here it’s not about tiny details or subtleties that only specialists can understand. In contrast, these changes are virtually raining down on us all. What we need in order to make use of this novel world is the readiness to challenge our very old and very trusted understanding of just how the world works.

    Real and Lasting Solutions Demand a Shift in Thinking

    Albert Einstein, a world famous and moreover classical scientist theoretically formulated this idea many years ago. He posited that one cannot solve problems at the same level of thinking at which the problem arose. In spite of this, this is just what we repeatedly try to do – both in the world of science as well as in our everyday lives. We put effort to coming up with solutions, but in doing so we always adhere to our familiar way of thinking. This habitual way of thinking holds onto us and keeps us captivated – it’s a bit like a magnet drawing in everything nearby that contains iron with its magnetic field. We remain stuck in place because we are subject to the quasi-magnetic influence of our old thought-fields that again and again pull us back into our old habits. Our world thus also remains on its old track and does not change. It also sticks with the old field for which there are clear boundaries, limitations that mean that big things are only possible the very few… so the majority of people must be satisfied with less.

    In Mind-Management we’ll be taking a radically different tack: instead of struggling with the old patterns followed since birth through upbringing and our educations – patterns that we did not choose consciously – we’ll change to a domain of thought in which one chooses consciously and with direction. Outcomes that before seemed unachievable under the old way of thinking thus become closer and more realistic. It doesn’t matter if the issue at hand is one’s financial situation or health, or the quality of relationships with people close to us. Every theme of our lives could be handled differently in the many other available thought-fields than in the field in which our awareness is currently held. In this way of thinking we somehow want to be in debt, to be sick, to be lonely, or – less drastically stated – we are not wealthy enough to realize our wishes and the wishes of the people we love, we are not strong enough to do take part in things that we would actually enjoy experiencing, and we are not close to people who could value and support us…people who we could also love and encourage. It’s a fascinating discovery, that there are a number of domains of thought in which our lives developed differently, and in which exactly those things exists for us that we are lacking here.

    Completely Different Paradigms are Directly Available to Us.

    There’s no question that Einstein had it right when he suggested other levels of thinking, another paradigm distinguished from how we now think. The current state of the world should provide enough evidence for the fact that we cannot find solutions from within our traditional model of thinking. We put tremendous effort into thinking in new ways. We nonetheless stick to the outdated perspectives of the old paradigm. Doing this – as Einstein noted – only tires us out. It is a fight with windmills: exhausting, endless and senseless. As long as we are not ready to think in markedly different ways, we will always just be feeling our way along in the same circumstances, and in the end we won’t achieve anything for our efforts other than frustration and burnout.

    The intense atmosphere during the seminar and the high level of concentration on real changes pushes what was previously generally thought of as impossible into the realm of the possible. Many of our viewpoints about the ways in which the world works will suddenly be recognizable as simply being subjective opinion. The cultural belief that we can regard the world as if we are standing on the outside – that we are not an inseparable part of it – will be recognized as nonsense. Our thinking thus suddenly becomes very important. It’s no longer good enough to somehow adapt to what exists anyway, with or without us. We’ll once again become the shapers of our lives.

    Leadership Must Create the Framework

    Purposeful changes in our thinking require a secure feeling of safely. Without a feeling of security, people fall back into their familiar and trusted patterns. Leadership is the central component in creating such safety. It is not a development of human culture, instead leadership is a structure in which living creatures can work together stemming from evolution. Leadership is millions of years old. From the moment of birth, every person fully expects this structure, as for long as there have been humans, it has been the functioning groups that have assured their survival. The modern trend toward individualization and self-realization would seem to be breaking with this ancient tradition, but in reality it is precisely these developments that are dependent on the group in a very special way. Without the cooperation of the group, we would all be occupied with meeting our basic needs. We would have to cultivate our own land and gather everything that we need to stay alive for ourselves.

    One of the enormous demands of our time regarding leadership is the creation of a framework within which our teams can perform at their best in a relaxed manner. Such optimal performance is the order of the day in nature. One can simply consider the flying achievement of migratory birds, bordering on the imaginable, as they travel incredible distances through the worst wind and weather conditions, without developing burnout or showing signs of stress.

    I call this type of leadership continuum oriented leadership as it is this particular human continuum, that is to say the sum of internal expectations stemming from evolution that every person has, that this guiding leadership is addressing. The realization of this continuum-oriented way of leading is something that can be taught and learned. The outcome is a higher level of performance and personal satisfaction without having to deal with the underlying physical aspects. In sport the word flow is used – in Mind-Management this phenomenon will be covered thoroughly.

    Practical Implementation Stands at the Center Point

    Through emphasizing practical application, the question of how to optimally frame the conditions for the success-oriented shaping of one’s own life stands at the fore.

    We regard leadership as an absolutely essential component of establishing this framework. Continuum oriented leadership is oriented toward people and makes it possible for our families and teams to once again bring together professional and private success. Only then do we create abundance on a wider front, and only then will we be able to achieve stability and peace among peoples.

    One has to understand that there is a truth that applies to each and every individual: whoever does not lead his life is lead – by the people with whom one is in contact, by the media, by bosses, by the thousands of unwritten regulations that seem to be correct and may indeed be false. Only through leadership do we create the open space for living our own lives, to decide ourselves how we live and thus to discover the sense of our lives.

    These six days in Velden am Wörthersee are truly unique. From our work with so many people from every continent, and the most different of cultural backgrounds and belief systems, we know that these days touch on something that is part of the fundamental makeup of all people. Independent of the often very differing cultural surface we present, the wish for self-determination in life is a uniting bond common to us all. If we strengthen this unity and bring it more into our awareness, then we do more than support the personal success of the individual – we also connect this to the hope for improved understanding of all people. Perhaps in doing so we can make a contribution to a better world in general, a world in which we grow together. Perhaps then war will become part of our unimaginably barbaric past. At least we form a new way of global leadership, that we urgently need in every global acting enterprise.

    The Presenter

    All six days of the seminar will be lead by Dr. Manfred Winterheller. As an honorary and guest professor with a number of universities, and as a business leader who was recognized as a best employer in Austria and Europe in 2003 within the framework of the “Great Place to Work” project of the European commission, Dr. Winterheller combines theory and practice in a very special way. Thirty years of intensive searching for solid scientifically founded ways to significantly improve the lives of everyday people have resulted in the seminar that you too can experience.

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