Our Most Valued Critic? Our Customers.

The best method is useless if it cannot be communicated, applied and experienced. This makes the goal of each and every one of our presentations and products clear to us – you as the participants and customers must profit directly and be able to use the content immediately. Then and only then have we achieved our goal. Only one voice is important to us in evaluating what we have to offer: the voice of the customer.

Have a look at a selection of submissions from our more than 15 years of customer feedback.

Feedback_WC_Salzburg_March_2013Source: Participant Feedback “Productivity, enthusiasm and success through new leadership”, Salzburg Congress, March 2013 with Dr. Manfred Winterheller


Over the course of my professional career I have certainly experienced a lot, and gone through some ups and downs. As a consequence of this, not much succeeds in getting me very excited. All throughout his presentation, Dr. Winterheller had me completely captivated and moreover he continued to inspire me afterwards.”

Gabriele Fenninger, Board Member, Intersport Austria


For many years BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM has worked together very successfully with Dr. Manfred Winterheller. It is very clear to us that the company-internal management seminars he provides have become one of the most important instruments in the development our management team.
Additionally as a lecturer at larger presentations and as a moderator for important meetings, Dr. Winterheller is an absolute plus. An important realization that Dr. Winterheller helped us with is the idea that change management always starts with one’s own personality.”
Dkfm. Dr. Claus J. Raidl, Board Chairperson of BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM AG

Feedback_WC_Kitzbuehel_November_2012Source: Participant Feedback: Mind-Management in Kitzbühel, November 2012 with Dr. Manfred Winterheller


Dr. Manfred Winterheller moves people and gets them excited. He succeeds in a unique way, reaching the people directly with his message.
Dr. Manfred Winterheller – a strong personality and at the same time a nice guy.”
Joachim Vogel, Executive Director of KIENINGER GmbH Tax Consulting Service


We have been happy to work together with Manfred Winterheller. He is among the trainers and business coaches who do more than just share knowledge; instead also capacity and drive are conveyed. Participants are transported to a higher energy level and many of them stay at that new level. This lasting effect makes the Winterheller presentations so unique and valuable.”
Dr. Georg Reiser, Head of Corporate Human Resources voestalpine AG

Feedback_WC_Klagenfurt_2012“ I was deeply impressed with Professor Winterheller’s seminar. He talked precisely about the things that come up in life. And he does it in such a way that one has to feel simply spoken to personally – so it’s as if he was exclusively talking to me alone.”
Peter Krasser, Chairman of the Styrian Chamber of Commerce (Austria)


Already six weeks have passed since the start living! training – life has truly changed! It is simply great to see how the things in life, how one can change oneself for the better, just wonderful. For this I once again send a heartfelt thanks to Dr. Winterheller!”
Mag. Gerhard Steinberger, Tax Consultant

Feedback_WC_ACV_Vienna_2012Source: Participant Feedback Start-Leading 2012 ACV Wien mit Prof. Dr. Manfred Winterheller


Dr. Winterheller spoke to my soul directly – a heightened awareness and process of increased sensitivity started that will be with me for the entire rest of my life. I mobilized power that made it possible for me to restructure my life completely, recognizing and eliminating old inadequacies. It was hard work and it is hard work. I was satisfied and for that I say thank you.”
Mag. Johannes Zickler, Executive Director of Synthes Austria

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