The Relevance of “Mind-Management: Mind, Success and Leadership” for Organizations and Individuals in Leadership Roles

Veröffentlicht June 17, 2013 | Update 17. June 2013

Like all of our seminars, Awareness, Success and Leadership is clearly targeted toward management professionals. Nonetheless, as we’ll be covering very fundamental ideas and techniques, the contents are also practically applicable in other situations or groups in which leadership plays a role. The result is a very dynamic group structure in which top managers and entrepreneurs make up the largest segment, complemented by their partners and family members as well as members of their senior staff.

The days in Kitzbühel are based on an understanding that classical management training is no longer sufficient for achieving success in handling existing problems due to numerous recent developments in business. There a simply so many factors that are not in tune with well-known ways of doing things – the financial crisis, the enormous production capacity of China and its influence on the market, globalization, the Internet, the almost complete incompetence of our political institutions which are only to a small extent addressing the challenges – making a qualitative change in the rules necessary. The truisms that have formed the basis of our activities for centuries are undergoing fundamental change.

One of the most essential elements of a revised understanding of management is a new look at the topic of leadership. Leadership is not an invention of human culture; instead it is a specific – and by far not the only one – form of a cooperative structure that arises from evolution and is millions of years old. There are basic conditions under which leadership functions perfectly. Such optimal conditions are the basis for:

  • highly efficient cooperation
  • quickly and practically applicable solutions to problems
  • mutual respect and self-discipline
  • consistent realization of agreed upon outcomes
  • flexible adaptation to unexpected obstacles
  • stamina in reaching difficult, longer term goals.

Moreover, this type of leadership is an effective preventative against the dreaded and ever more prevalent burnout, both for those in leadership positions as well as team members.

This new way of looking at the topic of leadership (I call it continuum-based leadership) is a prerequisite for also taking a fresh look at other areas. It is fascinating to realize that there are basic approaches in other fields of science, and it is in these directions that we should develop our thinking if we want to survive this radically new world of business. Quantum physics, philosophy and psychology in their modern forms all offer ingenious pieces of the puzzle that encourage an altered way of thinking. Einstein postulated this very concept many decades ago – he said that we cannot solve our problems with the same way of thinking we used when we created them.

This seminar is centered on just such a change in level of thinking. The participants come from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Some attend year after year to top up their batteries, to step out of their everyday business worlds and devote thought to aligning their positions anew. Roughly two-thirds of the participants are new to the seminar and are attending either as they know someone who previously took part or they have attended one of my other day seminars. A number of participants attend this seminar because one of their superiors took part in the past so he or she is familiar with the content and can verify the value of these days.

If you are interested in creative problem solving, then Kitzbühel offers the rare opportunity to be exposed to something truly new – both to listen and to take an active part. What you’ll get is practically applicable.

The courage to have clear and enthusiastic goals, more enjoyment and collaboration in the team, mutual support instead of jockeying for position, more creativity instead of more of the same old thing, the effects of respect and discipline, and meaningful sales success instead of mere cost savings are some of the typical outcomes of such days spent in Kitzbühel.

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