Press Information

For many years Prof. Dr. Manfred Winterheller has been in the spotlight of the Austrian press as well as the international press. He has been first and foremost recognized as a top expert in the following areas:

  • Organizational development
  • Leadership and management
  • Communication
  • Personal development

You too can benefit from the positive notoriety of Professor Winterheller – include his scientifically based and practically tested expert knowledge in your publication.

Please direct your requests to our central press office at 

Example of an editorial piece:

  • Art: interview
  • Veröffentlichung: multipage, color, exclusive photos
  • Schlagwörter: leadership, personal development, marketing
  • Verleger: Steirer Monat Zeitungs-GmbH
  • Publikation: Business Monat (Business Monat – German language publication)
  • Download: Führ und Wider (in German)

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