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“When the right people for a particular assignment work together in the right mood, the results are unforeseeable in the most positive sense.”

Dr. Manfred Winterheller

Our team has been working with the WINTERHELLER method for many years, and we’ve been thoroughly amazed with the effectiveness. We take care of all the requests sent to WINTERHELLER management GmbH – we are happy to be a resource to you in all things related to Dr. Winterheller and the WINTERHELLER method. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cornelia Winterheller

For over 13 years I’ve been working with Dr. Winterheller and the WINTERHELLER method. Experiencing the results in my personal life first hand as well as in the lives of our customers fascinates me in new ways every single day. Here I can pursue my passion for working with people every day anew.

The respect for our customers and the results of these relationships make my work very special to me.

Katharina Kiss

Working for and with the WINTERHELLER method, with our customers and the positive interaction with people fascinates me. The incredibly great feedback we receive motivates me every day.

Here I can see how small causes lead to major positive changes – and not just for our customers, but also in my personal life.

Michael Winterheller

For many years, both in my professional and private life, I’ve been in daily contact with the Winterheller method. The clear applicability of the content was always important to me, along with its high level of effectiveness. This is why the method is so unbelievably appealing and is, in my eyes, what makes it so unique.

It is my job to make this method available to as many people as possible; this goal both fascinates me and motivates me every day. This is why I appreciate every suggestion and idea that I get from you.

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