Quelle: Teilnehmerstimmen Produktivität, Begeisterung und Erfolg durch neue Führung in Salzburg 2013 mit Prof. Dr. Manfred Winterheller Source: Feedback from your leadership event in Salzburg, Austria 2013 with 1100 attendees
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What We Offer

We support organizations and individuals in broadening their limiting ideas about what is achievable. This means moving goals closer that were previously considered to be out of reach. To do this, we combine findings in the fields of quantum physics, psychology and biology and integrate these ideas with a close look at the everyday challenges of modern life. Our content is immediately useful and has the potential to deliver immediate changes.

Dr. Manfred Winterheller

Dr. Manfred Winterheller is an internationally successful lecturer, entrepreneur and coach as well as being a bestselling author. His presentations and seminars are driven by his unique authenticity and fundamental energy, making him in demand worldwide. In 2005, Dr. Winterheller was named Speaker of the Year by the Austrian Institute for International Research.

Dr. Winterheller is available for:
  • Single day or multiple day management seminars
  • Company-internal seminars covering topics such as leadership, strategy and personal development
  • Moderation of kick-off events as well as other important meetings
  • Lectures tied to other events, regardless the number of participants
  • Presentations are offered in English and German.

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